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Banff Tea Co was opened in 2007 by Susanne Gillies-Smith. Her family have owned and operated The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse near Lake Louise for over 55 years, so you could say that tea is in her blood. Susanne opened The Banff Tea Co largely as a mechanism to give 25% of its profit to charity, an achievement she reached every year over her 6 years as owner.

Siona Gartshore also came from a family of tea lovers, her passion for the product really developed however, when she was employed to manage five tea stores in the UK in 2006. Originally from Scotland, Siona has been infusing, blending, learning/teaching and retailing tea ever since. She became manager of The Banff Tea Co in 2010, its owner in 2013 and continues sharing her tea-geekiness daily. “I am very lucky to have a job I can be so passionate about. It`s such a great feeling to be able to share a cuppa or create a new blend with people in the store each day.”

Corporate/ Wholesale and Custom bulk orders

The following links list some of the businesses that serve our teas:

If you would like to become a wholesale customer, we offer a special corporate rate and the option of exclusively created blends! Or if you are thinking of purchasing a larger quantity of tea for a function such as wedding favours or corporate events we would be happy to accommodate this as well. We are also able to provide steeped hot or cold tea for events (both inside and outside) Please contact us for more information: info@banffteaco.com or 403-762-8322.


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Featured Articles
M. WhyteM. Whyte
The real deal right here. Don't waste your time on any other tea. Banff Tea Co is where it's at! Sweet dreams of banff definitely the best
C. SharunC. Sharun
This is one of the best tea companies ever. Thanks for so many great and delicious teas. The service here is absolutely amazing. The ladies are always smiling and very knowledgeable on all the products. ☺I'll continue to be a supporter. Tea is liquid wisdom.
A. TealdiA. Tealdi
Great tea and great service. You can see and smell the aroma of each tea with the mini display pots to get an idea what it is like. A wonderful selection of teas and a wealth of knowledge for blending or advice. Would highly recommend.
T. TeskeT. Teske

My favourite tea store on the planet! I spend $30 a month here on average. Awesome selection, friendly service, I love The Banff Tea Company!

S. SheeS. Shee
The honey is a MUST BUY! The employees working here are pleasant and everything is reasonably priced! I will definitely be ordering teas/honeys from America!