This tea does what its name suggests, containing yerba mate, green tea and spices.

Kusmi Steeping Instructions:  In order to preserve the full flavour of the tea leaves, the water has to be neutral and filtered. First, heat the water to the desired temperature (85-90C for Black teas, Yerba Mate and herbals, 70c for green teas). Pour a cup of hot water into your teapot and let it warm the pot, then discard the water. Next place the tea leaves in your pot (or filter or infuser) 1 teaspoon per one cup of water (a little more for delicate green teas). Then pour the water over the leaves and steep (around 3 mins for green teas and 5 mins for black teas). Enjoy!


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We create many of our own blends. We can blend a tea exclusively for you. A great idea for weddings and other special occasions. Give us a call at 1.403.762.8322.


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